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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

The Motor Insurance market place is very confusing to most members of the public especially with Direct Insurance Companies and on-line comparison sites claiming to offer a better deal. We feel that from our vast experience and knowledge of the market place you will be able to get a quotation from us without any confusing “jargon” and a quotation that will suit your pocket.

We do not make false promises and offer the “cheapest” in the market but we do promise to offer various quotations from over 500 different contracts available from our on-line Motor Quotation System.

Unlike general call centres who will just spend a few minutes with you we are very happy to spend our time and discuss all aspects of your cover requirements and most importantly the Claim Service and procedures.

We are proud to say that we can offer cover for the majority of risks we quote on and this does include Commercial Vehicles, HGV’s and Motor Bikes, Motor homes and camper vans, Motor Traders Road Risk Policies, Taxi and Private Hire Insurance.

There are many optional covers available i.e.:- Legal Expenses Insurance (this is a Policy that pay Solicitors to claim compensation for injuries, loss of income and provide you with a free car hire). Vehicle Breakdown and Roadside Assistance (including Home Start) will also be offered to you. This latter cover can also be taken out at any time of the year and is not tied-in with your Motor Insurance.

So whatever your requirements maybe we promise to investigate an extensive market for you without involving any costs to you.

You can also include our great value, fully comprehensive Breakdown Cover from only £70. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Classic Car Insurance

Owning a classic car or motorcycle can be a lifelong ambition for many. These vehicles are their owners pride and joy and such an owner might often want to use them for an exhibition rally, track day or for that long afternoon summers drive.

It is important that owners have peace of mind that their cherished vehicle is protected by not only a good policy, but by one that is provided by an insurer with many years of experience and one which excels in customer satisfaction.

The Insurance Office prides itself on its customer service and by using our specialist knowledge and flexibility we are always able to provide an insurance policy that suits your individual requirements.

The key features and benefits of our Classic Car and Classic Motorcycle products include:

  • Agreed value
  • Discount for Owners’ Club members
  • Multi vehicle policies available (rated on aggregate value)
  • Show cover available
  • Wedding Hire cover available
  • Up to 4 named drivers
  • Windscreen cover (limited to £500)
  • Left-hand drive vehicles accepted
  • European cover

We also offer fully comprehensive breakdown cover for just £65

So whatever your requirements may be, we promise to investigate an extensive market in order to provide you with the best possible quote.

Gap Insurance

What is Gap Insurance?
This policy is designed for people who have purchased their vehicle on:

1. Outright Purchase; Or

2. Finance (this could be a bank loan, hire purchase or personal contract purchase).

Vehicles depreciate in value at an alarming rate. If the motor insurers decide your vehicle is a write off following an accident, fire or theft they will only pay what they consider to be the market value for the vehicle. This will certainly be less than what was paid for the vehicle originally.

This can cause a considerable amount of stress when someone is without a vehicle and they have to find additional funds to replace the vehicle with a new one. Gap Insurance will relieve the worry of a shortfall and will protect your customer by paying back to them the difference between what their motor insurance will pay and the original invoice price they paid for their vehicle, thus returning them back to their original financial position before they purchased the vehicle.

How long will the cover last?
You can cover the vehicle for 1, 2 or 3 years from the purchase date of the vehicle and the cost is typically £120 or less.

How much will the cover payout in the event of a claim?
Various benefits are available ranging from £5,000 to £20,000, depending on the value of your vehicle.

Are there any restrictions on when I can buy the cover?
Yes. You must purchase the cover within 6 months of the vehicle purchase date.

Can you give me an example of how Gap Insurance works?

  1. Vehicle Cost £7500; Insurance settlement after write off £4600; Policy will pay £2900
  2. Vehicle Cost £15000; Insurance settlement after write off £9500; policy will pay £5500

Gap Insurance pays your customer the difference IN FULL.

Can Gap Insurance still be purchased when the car was bought for cash (i.e. no finance involved)?
Yes. The policy relates to the difference between the amount your insurance company pays and how much you originally paid for the car. Therefore it is beneficial to cash customers as it is finance customers.

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