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Young Driver Insurance


New & Young Driver Insurance

using technology to help young
drivers stay safe...

Hurray, you’ve passed your test! Boo, the insurance premiums you’re being quoted are ridiculously expensive!

We don’t think that this is right, which is why we offer Marmalade New Driver Insurance – cover that offers you an affordable way to get on the road and also teaches you some invaluable safe driving skills.

We use the most advanced black box technology available to help you maintain and develop the safe driving skills that make you a lower driving risk, therefore bringing down the cost of your insurance premium. Unsafe driving can result in premium increases and ultimately policy cancellation.

What’s more, we only insure newer cars up to 9 years old (because they’re safer) with an engine size of up to 1.4 litres (again, because they’re safer for new drivers!). And unlike some other insurers who offer black box insurance, we won’t impose any curfews or other complications on you.

In short, we trust you to be a safe and responsible driver and because we do, we give you the maximum discount from the outset. Hurray!

So, to get a quote for our New Driver Insurance all we need are a few details, it’s that simple.

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