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Travel Insurance

Unlike general call centres who will just spend a few minutes with you we are very happy to spend our time and discuss all aspects of your cover requirements and most importantly the Claim Service and procedures.

Sadly more often than not this type of low cost Insurance is sold purely on cheapest price only to find that cover for medical conditions are excluded likewise for certain types of holiday leisure activities. We will make sure that we discuss fully any medical condition and leisure activities before offering you a quotation. Too many UK travellers find that they will have to pay their medical costs and fees after an incident when travelling throughout the world.

You can spend thousands of pounds on your holiday to find that a low cost Policy didn’t fulfil your requirements so your holiday was spoilt. It is better to spend time looking at the right Policy well in advance of your holiday.

So whatever your requirements maybe we promise to investigate an extensive market for you without involving any costs to you.

We do not make false promises and offer the “cheapest” in the market but we do promise to offer various quotations from our on-line Quotation System.

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